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Individual Therapy

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If you’re looking for quality 1:1 therapy sessions with a certified Therapist that cares, then you’ve come to the right place. I guide my clients every step of the way and use evidence-based, solution-focused strategies to help them develop new thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters.

I specialize in work with teens and adults who have anxiety, depression, and challenges adjusting to life transitions.


Quality Care

In my coaching sessions, we’ll work together to determine the goals you'd like to work toward and the support that best fits your needs. We'll focus on developing your strengths and look for solutions to challenges together. I’m confident that you’ll find my personalized solution-focused coaching beneficial and inspirational. 

Beauty Therapy

Phone Consultation

A complimentary 15-minute phone conversation to learn more about your needs.  

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Mind Spruce, PLLC

Heather Dakki, LMSW


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